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*freshbackTM is a brand new product type that will change the way you do laundry forever, and bring you to a new level of clean.

*freshbackTM is not a detergent; it is an odor-eliminating fabric treatment for all washable clothes and linens.

*freshbackTM works using all-natural ingredients to apply an imperceptible layer of odor-blocking molecules to cloth.

*freshbackTM does not change the compressive, reflective, wicking, waterproofing, or breathability of fabrics.

*freshbackTM is permanently bonded to fabric, but is only rated to provide maximum effectiveness for up to a year or twenty five washes.

*With freshbackTM, the ecological impact of laundry is dramatically decreased because clothing only needs washing whenever it has become soiled or has a buildup of body oils.

*Clothes treated with freshbackTM can be quickly rinsed under cold water to remove salt buildup without needing a full laundering.

*freshbackTM is great for athletic and specialty gear, sheets and towels, work clothes, and any other washable fabric.

*Clothes treated with freshbackTM need no special care and can be mixed in with non-treated laundry at any time.

*Each box of freshbackTM contains a three-part kit including our proprietary Premium Detergent, a Freshener packet, and a Bonder packet, along with instructions and links to how-to videos.

*Each freshbackTM box is good for one medium load of laundry or about 5kg of cloth. Heavier items may reduce effectiveness, and may be better treated with fewer items or with our hand wash kit (available soon).