It’s the end of laundry
as you know it.

freshbackTM, a scientific breakthrough, is the first & only laundry treatment that eliminates body odours at the source
and prevents them from returning for up to a whole year or twenty-five washes.
freshbackTM is the only treatment that allows you to stay body-odour-free during & after wear and during & after any kind of activity.
Once you've treated your clothes and linen with freshbackTM, continue washing them as usual but from now on,
there won't be bad body odour or sweat smell on them anymore.


No Body Odour

Eliminates body odours & prevents them from returning

Purely Hygienic

Keeps your clothes fresh & hygienic,
during & after any kind of activity

Welcome to the
smart world of freshbackTM

A place where freshness lasts all day, every day,
while you are at home with your loved ones, at work with your colleagues, hanging out with your friends,
working out, doing sports, traveling around or enjoying the moment.
A place where you have no more worries about personal inconvenience or social embarrassment that are caused from body odours.
A place where you can make your life easier & smarter by spending less time on your laundry routine and more time for yourself.
Say goodbye to bad odours and hello to a better smelling you.


  • I don't tend to write reviews, but I have to for this product. I washed my yoga outfits with freshback, and I have been wearing it in my studio classes and at home, in this hot weather I was expecting a lot of washings (as usual) but there is no scent at all, for weeks. Now I think that's pretty impressive.
    Denise Gould
  • I'm really impressed with freshback. It has quickly and easily removed all odors from my workout gear even after multiple washes and workouts, even the worst smelling ones. Highly recommended.
    Eric B.
  • My son's thick 100% cotton Judo uniforms, always a nightmare to wash after every class, but now after washing it with freshback, 7 sweaty classes later – no odors at all! Incredible! I was concerned from allergic reactions, damage to the outfit, but none of it happened, I'm super happy to have it.
    Emma North
  • I've tried freshback on both new and rather old cycling clothes, It lasted for the whole season (weekly washing/line dry), I will definitely be treating my household's active wear again next season. Amazing how it keeps the stench away.
    Aaron L.
  • This stuff works. I've tested it with some of my running clothes and 3 of my compression shirts. Normally in this heat I can barely stand myself after a run. My clothes were wet from sweat, but no odor. So I wore it again the next day. Same result. No odor. Third day. Same result. No odor. Fourth day. Same result. No odor….
    Elliot Galin

  • My husband and I are outdoors enthusiasts and packing for us is a major issue, when carrying food, gear and necessities with us, clothing is always an issue, especially when they retain bad odors and we need to change often (Our clothing is quality clothing: North Face, Mountain Hardwear, Huckberry etc.). After using freshback we are packing light with clothing, our shirts and underwear smell odorless, even after days of wear and a number of washes they remain odor-free. We will definitely be buying.
    Sandra O.
  • Works great! I frequently travel with my business and always carry with me a tone of clothes, when I got to try freshback, my bag is no longer overstuffed and I've got all the fresh clothes I need with me. Not sure how permanent it is, but it works well so far.
    Yvonne Horwitz
  • This product is fantastic. I bought it for my kids camping trip they went on for a week (where there is not a chance for them to wash anything). I used it on the clothes they were taking with them (underwear, socks, shirts, etc.). When they returned a week later the clothes were dirty and stained, but they did not have any smell at all. I will certainly get more of these boxes for future trips and for our athletic wear. Finally an odor control product that actually works. Thank you!
    Lily Havisham
  • Worked very well, hardly any odor on my clothes after four days of hiking, I'm definitely intended to order more for my next hikes. Before going on our backpacking trip, I washed our travel clothes with freshback and took a serious gamble here not to pack changing clothes, but guess what? It really does work! All we did was rinse out the humid sweat and dirt with creek water and let it air dry and no bad smell, no stink, absolutely worth it.
    Shay R.

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