freshbackTM is powered by maaterraTM group. We are excited to share our company’s story and potential with you.


Company Overview

Maaterra™ Biotechnology Ltd. is a startup company that owns the IP (Intellectual Property) for the first & only molecular bonding process, which can bond myriad molecules to all kind of fabrics.
Maaterra’s first series of products is labeled as freshback™, a revolutionary deep fiber fusion treatment that allows you to stay body-odour-free during & after any kind of activity.
Our second series of products labeled as curebac™ offers perpetual antimicrobial & sanitary protection on any treated material with a hundred percent active matter. This series of products will definitely change the hospital care system by offering the highest level of cleanliness.
Maaterra's aim is to expand into the global market by partnering with additional distributors and getting the word out about our great products. We invite you to become a part of our ever-growing community.

It’s the end of laundry as you know it. Say hello to Smart Laundry. In this day & age people around the world search for smart solutions that will ease & improve their way of life. Smart homes, smart cars, smart phones, smart appliances & smart technologies just to name a few.
The longing to find these and other smart solutions is a source of inspiration for us as individuals, families & communities. Moreover, it creates the foundation and the path for our present & future.
When we want to be a part of the smart life, we have to learn a new way of understanding the world around us and the tech we use. Through our brand, we wish to guide people with a new way of doing laundry, of thinking about laundry, and of thinking about cleanliness.