Adventure, Whether Near or Far

Adventure, Whether Near or Far


S ome of us enjoy the type of camping that only involves driving up to a campground in a caravan, hooking up the electrical and water, and relaxing for a weekend. A city camper (like me!) takes half their home with them on a weekend adventure. Enough food for a small army, bed linens, and even appliances - we travel with only comfort in mind.

Others have another view of camping, where sleeping outdoors under the stars at a mountain top or next to a remote stream with no one else around for miles is the key to enjoyment. The wild camper embraces the chance to leave all but the necessities behind. The bare essentials to be safe; enough food and water to survive; and a tent just big enough to keep the wind, water, and bugs away - these are the hallmarks of the true wilderness seeker.

Despite these differences, we all hear the call of the wild and the drive to commune with nature (to our level of comfort).

Star Gazing
That magical view of countless stars above you never stops being amazing. It is as if the vast universe, nature & you are the only ones in that moment. And no matter how many times you experience it, you find yourself constantly gazing above and soaking up every second.

Sunrises, Views, & Brews - Oh My!
You wake up to each spectacular sunrise, admire the view unfold around you as the night fades away, every wild spot is exciting and you start your day by brewing yourself a tea or coffee and planning your day’s adventure.

Quiet Solitude
Whether you slept in a caravan amongst rows of others, or on the peak of a mountain without a soul in sight, the draw to find time in the day to sit quietly and watch the shadows move slowly across the ground and listen to the breeze move through your surrounds is alive in you. Whether your moment of solitude lasts 24 seconds or 24 hours, that time is precious and to be cherished.

Who's out there?
Unfamiliar sounds outside your tent, the whisper of branches in the wind or the roaring of thunder. You know your surroundings and don’t scare easily. You become more aware if there's a threat near you and you are prepared for it, but you also take a moment to appreciate nature’s machinations and know that you, too, are a part of her beautiful process.