Beach Run


T here is no more refreshing run than getting a few kilometers in on the beach. With the cool morning breeze coming off the water and my bare feet pulling traction from the firm, damp sand, starting the weekend along the water is sure to set the right mood. My normal running music is turned down today as I use the pulse of the waves to drive my workout, instead of the beat of the music.
  Running on the beach feels different, and not just because I can go barefoot (I haven’t quite gotten to that point on pavement yet!). The salt and humidity in the air seems to make me one the environment; the salt of my sweat matches my surroundings and, despite the breeze, I seem to flow through the air more fluidly. My nose takes in the salt smell and widens with ease as I feed my lungs. My mouth is never dry, with the sweet taste of the humid air feeding my hunger for another kilometer - and maybe just one more.
  As I head for home with the wind at my back now, the morning fog lifts and the sun hits my face for the first time. My body heat rises and the sweat builds and I truly feel like there is no definition between myself and the wet air. The sand is warm to the touch now, with my toes finding the cool layer below only for an instant before I push off for the next step.
  I finish my run by meeting the family for breakfast. While they are all groggy and complaining of the early hour, I enjoy knowing that I have already started my day in the best possible way. Refreshed and energized by the ocean’s waves and the sat air, I dig into the meal while the sand slowly dries between my toes.

Anthony. H