Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply freshback by hand?

Please follow these directions to apply freshback by hand:

How do I treat extra smelly items with freshback?

Please follow these directions to treat extra smelly items:



1What is freshback?
FreshbackTM revolutionize laundry cleanliness by providing long-lasting odour blocking treatment for all clothes & linens. FreshbackTM products series decrease the need to wash clothes and linens by treating them with an imperceptible, permanent, odour-blocking molecule. The breaking news is that one wash with FreshbackTM puts an end to bad odours for up to a whole year or twenty-five washes.
2What is in freshback & how does it work?
FreshbackTM can be treated in any washing machine including High Efficiency machines or by hand washing.

FreshbackTM three-part treatment contains:
Premium Detergent (#1) – that removes built-up oils, soap residue and factory-applied softeners, ensuring the best cleaning performance while being gentle on your clothes.
Freshener (#2) – that creates the long-lasting odour effect.
Bonder (#3) - a patented technology, that seals the Freshener to the clothes, creating a durable odour shield that blocks & prevents body odours from returning.
FreshbackTM is gentle on all cloth types, leaves no scent on clothes, and has no bleach.

List of Ingredients:
Premium Detergent: Sodium Chloride, Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Metasilicate, Trisodium Citrate Dihydrate, Sodium Percarbonate, Dodecylbenzenesulfonic Acid, Sodium Salt, Alcohol Ethoxylate, Amorphous Silica.
Freshener: Water & Color Stabilizer
Bonder: Citric Acid, Anhydrous
Freshback's Freshener & Bonder are made with all natural ingredients
3How long will freshback last?
FreshbackTM is permanently bonded to your clothing and linens, but it does lose its effectiveness as the cloth wears. The most wear any cloth gets is in the laundry, so skipping washes with FreshbackTM will help it last longer. After about 20-25 washes, you may notice the need to re-apply, but this should get you through at least a year of wear.
4How do I use freshback?
All FreshbackTM products come with detailed instructions. Each FreshbackTM laundry treatment kit comes with a packet of Premium Detergent to help clean your clothes better than they have ever been cleaned before. Then you will apply our patented Freshener and Bonder packets to ensure that your clothes and linens are fresh. You can also visit how to use page to learn more about your specific laundry machine or hand wash applications.
5Does freshback work on really smelly clothes or linens?
Yes, it does, but for the smelliest clothes and linens, we always recommend using our Extra Treatment Hand Wash product. This will allow you to get the most out of your time and ensure that FreshbackTM can bring back your favorite items to the best condition possible.
6How do I wash my clothes and linens after they are treated with freshback?
FreshbackTM treated clothes and linens can be laundered and dried as normal, including being washed with untreated items.
7Does it get rid of grease, blood, or mud?
While FreshbackTM does come with our premium detergent, we recommend washing heavily soiled items with your normal detergent first. Alternately, you can use our Extra Treatment Hand Wash product to soak the items in the solution [from 1 & up to 8 hours], massage vigorously & then wash the major amount of soiling agents out of your cloth before treating.
8What does it mean that freshback dulls bright whites?
The active ingredient in FreshbackTM can slightly alter the brightness of some white cloth types. This is most noticeable in some high-tech sportswear made from modern lycra-spandex type cloths. If dulling does occur, it should be uniform, and not blotchy or spotty.
9What can I do if freshback didn’t work on my clothing/linens?
There are a few cases which FreshbackTM may not work at.
Below are some of those reasons:
  • The detergent did not fully wash out of the clothes before the Freshener and Bonder were added. If this happens, the Bonder will actually bind to the soap residue instead of to the Freshener. In this case, re-application should work, assuming that the cause of the detergent not rinsing is addressed.
  • With the proliferation of new, high-tech fabrics, you may find that some fabrics resist being treated. On these clothes, FreshbackTM works, but for much less time (only 3-5 washings). If you find an article of clothing that doesn’t work, please let us know. We are always learning, and you can help us improve our product for everyone.
  • Please contact our customer support line if you need assistance with replacing a packet for retreatment, or if you would like a refund.

Machine Wash (Front & Top):

1How many clothes/linens can I wash at once?
We recommend washing 3-4kg of clothes on the medium load setting. If you want to do more at a time, you can simply use two kits at once, effectively doubling the amount of clothing and FreshbackTM you use at any given step in the instructions.
2How do I add the Bonder if my top-loading machine locks for the entire cycle?
While rare, some machines with this feature have no override function. If your machine cannot be opened during the cycle, the FreshbackTM Machine Wash kit will not work for you. However, you have several solutions:
  • Wash your clothes with the Premium Detergent as directed. Then, apply the Freshener and Bonder, along with the Extra Treatment Hand Wash, [instructions found at how to use page], using a bathtub or washbasin.
  • Look for our future product advancements that will address this issue.
  • Return your FreshbackTM for a full refund.
3What if the Bonder packet does not open in my front-loading machine?
If you find that the Bonder packet did not open in your washing machine, simply take your packet back to the store you purchased it from for a replacement kit. If you cannot make it to the store you purchased it from, or you have received FreshbackTM as a gift, please contact us.


1What is freshback Odour Blocking Deodorizer?
FreshbackTM deodorizers are a spray product designed to help bring freshback’s odour blocking power to un-washable items. You can apply it to shoes, scarves, coverups, tights, hats, helmets, pads, gloves, tents, sleeping bags, rugs, curtains, car interiors, and any other fabrics. It comes in three scents: Mint, Laundry, and Scent Free.
2What is in freshback Deodorizers?
FreshbackTM Odour Blocking Deodorizers are all-natural and non-toxic, made with a mix of essential oils and our patented FreshbackTM odour blocking molecules.
3How long does it last?
FreshbackTM deodorizers are not a permanent treatment, but were designed to be long lasting. Heavily used items like shoes or carpeting may require more frequent treatment to maintain freshness. New items will see better results, but old items will be fresher after use. Really stinky shoes may not be saved, but newer shoes will last much long before odour occurs.