Inspiring Nature


O ur natural resources are important to us not only in terms of ecology, but in terms of aesthetics and sentimentality.
  The awe inspiring starkness of the landscape of Madagascar, the alien worlds living amongst our coral reefs, and the still-unknown life teeming in the Amazon are just some of the millions of examples of Earth’s biodiversity that we appreciate on multiple levels. Sure, these habitats feed our planet with oxygen, provide life to thousands of species, and represent some of the most interesting examples of ecosystems on the globe. But they are also stunningly beautiful, each in their own completely different ways. They are places on our planet that, when treated with respect, will welcome visitors to gasp at their beauty for generations to come. They give us videos, pictures, written accounts, and memories that can inspire imaginations.
  The preservation of the world around us is not just a biological imperative. It is also an emotional imperative. We must maintain our world for our grandchildrens’ grandchildren, so that they too can marvel at the symbiosis of the corals, the master camouflage insects of the Amazon, or the bizarre plant life of the world’s most arid regions and be inspired to write a story, paint a picture, document in video, or simply to dream about the lives of these alien worlds right out our own backdoors.