Maaterra, What does it mean?


M aaterra Biotechnology is a company dedicated to making our world, and our lives in that world, a better place. And while many companies make these types of promises, ours was actually founded around products that do just that. But before we get to that, we should take a look at our weird name, and what it actually means.
  The word ‘maaterra’ is just like our team - a hybrid of languages, cultures, and passions that come together to connect us all in harmony. The root word ‘maa’ means mother in Hindi, while ‘terra’ means earth in Latin. Bringing these words together points to one of the foundational goals of our company, which is to bring all people together in support of a healthy and lively Mother Earth.
  Maaterra’s first product, called freshback, is dedicated to changing the way to do laundry around the globe. Laundry accounts for billions of gallons of water use every year. We also expend billions of kilograms of CO2 each year by producing, bottling, packaging, and shipping detergents. Additionally, electrical and other energy resources are utilized both in our homes and in the product of laundry detergent. Maaterra’s question: “Isn’t there a way to make laundry more eco-friendly?” Maaterra’s answer: “YES!”
  We invite everyone around the globe to embrace a more eco-conscious lifestyle by skipping washes and relying on freshback’s patented technology to help maintain freshness while maintaining our environment. With all-natural materials, you know that your ecological impact is minimized every time you hang something back in your closet instead of throwing it in the laundry bin. We have more great tricks up our sleeve and look forward to introducing you to the next wave of products that will help us all care for maaterra today and far into the future.