Mountain Biking Rhythm


T here’s a rhythm to mountain biking, no matter what discipline you favor. As a former professional and avid rider, our CEO knows these rhythms very well.
  For the cross country rider, the hill climb gives the grinding groan of a chain that has been through one too many rides between cleaning counterbalanced with our breathing as the lactic acid builds in our legs and arms. The only reprieve from these sounds is the grinding of gravel and rocks, and the internal monologue of urging forward toward the next summit. Once reached, as the buzz of the cassette replaces the hard breaths and chain noise, the muscle pain subsides and the prize of a breeze through the helmet makes it all worth it - until you reach the bottom.
  For the downhill enthusiast, the rhythm of noise is replaced by the rhythm of momentum. With a push down on the bike and a rebalancing of the body, every turn through a berm gives you the speed to tackle the next rock garden with a gliding ease. Every ripple of the rock garden shimmies through the suspension and the body, while the mind readies for the next line over the long, steep woops and the peaceful glide through the air on the landing ramps.
  What’s your flavor of off-road fun? What rhythms speak to you as you balance your bike, your body, and your talents to reach new highs (and lows)?